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Principal-Mr. C. Maganga

Mwakitawa Secondary School was started in the early 1970’s as a community project by he local leaders at Mwakiki, Mbololo Location, Taita District. Initiated on “Harambee” basis, it has grown through the diligent effort of the community with support of Government to a provincial status.  In this new definition, the institution serves the whole country in providing secondary education.  The school operates on a philosophy of providing an all-round education to its student population.  As a learning centre, the students get life awareness in Information and Communication and Technology (ICT), Soil, Water and Biodiversity Conservation, Environment Management, Social Integration and overall discipline apart from the core curriculum and games.

The school has recorded continuous improvement in its form four examination mean score with girl students making the most rapid growth in this indicator of performance.  It has also made quite an impact in the games performance up to national level.  At the home front, the school has also helped in providing a conducive business environment to the local residents and parents who deliver essential services and products to the school population by becoming an important development catalyst in its catchment area.

The school has, therefore, lived up to the original vision of the pioneer leaders who provided land and starter capital to create a living and professional growth environment for the Kenyan society.  The current effort is to base the future activities of the school on the crystallized Vision, Mission, Strategy and Philosophy as elaborated in its strategic plan that will be the guiding post of the School development.  The recently improved character of both the School Board and the Teachers-Parents Association (PTA) greatly honours the deliberations and effort of the teachers who have been  all out to deliver their best in class and in the field.  We also greatly recognize the dedicated work of the school employees whose support has helped Mwakitawa Secondary School achieve its recorded height of success.  This team spirit between and among all organs of the institution, will be the pillar of the future for Mwakitawa Secondary School which targets enhanced subscription to the university population.



The following are the new fees structures for the year 2010 for Forms 1 to 4:-


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There are several active clubs in the school which include the following:-

Computer Club Law Club Journalism Club Young Farmers Mathematics …

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